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Alameda Week 1 - Game recap & video!

Alameda Week 1 - Game recap & video!

Goon Squad vs TMT
Big game from the qb Devin for offensive mvp with an honorable mention to Antonio garcia who's run game complimented the passing throughout.

On the defensive side it's a toss up between Qais who had multiple interceptions and Antonio who was a constant presence in the backfield and had numerous sacks. In the end I will say Antonio gets the defensive mvp since the rush helped cause all of the interceptions. - Tammeem

Legends vs Suicide Squad

Legends started off slow but found some success on offense and defense. Qb, Scottie had early chemistry with Erik and Royce and then connected with Shawn, Alem, Mike and Terrance throughout the game. Defense was strong and stout, making pivotal stops on 3rd and 4th downs.  Defensive play of the game goes to Suk, intercepting a pass late in the 2nd half to give Legends a last effort on offense.  Legends lose by 2 points. - Tony

Warriors vs Suicide Squad 
Warriors came hot out the gates with big plays from Abi to Marc Cheatham for 2 tds and abi ran a 3rd td in all in the first half. But suicide squad showed veteran poise and chipped away underneath , creating big play, after big play after the catch. Suicide squad turned an interception into a td as well. Suicide squad worked there way down the field on the final drive and put the game away with a td, or after and a SAFETY! - Jaryd

Video Highlights:

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