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Tuesday Night Lights Season 5 Week 4 Recap


Game of the week! PowerHouse (#2) vs Suicide Squad (#1)
The most rivaled matchup in Tuesday Night Lights history, PH vs SS. 3 of their games have ended on the very last play, not in PHÃ??Ã?¢??s favor. This game was filled with trash talking from start to finish. 30 seconds left, PH down 6-12. QB Nick Kan digs deep and marches his team down the field in 22 seconds to tie the game (12-12). Extra point now, game on the line, he throws to MVP Paul Smith for the game winner. PH wins 13-12. PH celebrates, finally over the hump, they finally beat them! BUT WAIT, 8 seconds are still left. SS can run two plays, maybe 3 by throwing quick outs and getting out of bounds. But the QB knows the elite defense is waiting for that. PH would love nothing more than to end the game with an INT. Ball is snapped, QB eludes the rusher, rolls left and throws a ROCKET 50 yards and hits his WR center mass. TOUCHDOWN! Game over! SS shocks PH with the last second TD. SS celebrates! But WAIT! One Ref says touchdown, the other refs says short on the 1 inch line. The ref with the better angle says no touchdown, one second left on the clock. Both teams have a flurry of emotions flying high. 1 second left, final play. Qb fakes the handoff, his first read isnÃ??Ã?¢??t there, 2nd read isnÃ??Ã?¢??t there, defense is locked in, rusher forces the QB left, SSÃ??Ã?¢??s WR Jovan Carter flows with the QB on this broken play, QB pulls the trigger, throw a low pass and BOOM, out of nowhere PHÃ??Ã?¢??s UL stick his hand out to deflect the ball, but just misses the ball by a half an inch. Jovan catches the game winning TD, Suicide Squad wins in another EPIC matchup. Final score 18-13, Suicide Squad. 

Muddawgz (#4) vs Glory Boys (#7)
Rematch from a close battle in week 1, Muddawgz had full control of this one, but GloryBoys show some life by scoring 8 points. 
Muddawgz wins 27-8.

PostCorner (#5) VS ShowYouRight (#3)
Two of the top offenses in the league battled in this one. These two teams can put up points quickly and often, the difference was one defensive stop. 
Final score 26-21, ShowYouRight

SWAT (#6) vs ShowYouRight (#3)
BIG game here. Playoff seeding is determined by this game and the higher you finish, the better chance you have at a championship run. SWAT has arguable a top 3 defense in the league, and their pick 6 in the goal line was a game changer and the difference. Final score 20-14, SWAT

GloryBoys (#7) vs Suicide Squad (#1)
This ended how folks thought it would, lopsided. GloyBoys are a team that is up and coming, still learning the game, the flow and building chemistry. Look for them to come back next season better and stronger. Final Score, 41-0, Suicide Squad

SWAT (#6) vs Muddawgz (#4)
Rematch from their last defensive battle, which Muddawgz won on the final play. SWAT was devastated. If SWAT can win this game, they go from the 6th seed, to the 3rd seed. SWAT made the adjustments and shutout the Muddawgz. Final score 20-0, SWAT

PowerHouse (#2) vs PostCorner (#5)
PostCorner is known for scoring at will. PowerHouse is known for their lockdown defense. Good offense vs Great defense. Great defense won. 
Final score 28-0, PowerHouse

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Final Season Rankings coming soon. No games today on 7/4; Playoffs are one day on 7/11.

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